From Vietnam

Too busy enjoying myself to update the blog, sorry. Perhaps there will be a chance to visit more audio specialists in HCM City. Hanoi hasn’t changed, high end audio in beautifully prepared listening rooms. All the top names on display. David (the Shindo importer) gave me a contact where they build replica Autograph and Westminster cabinets. The quality of woodwork and cabinet making is impeccable all over Vietnam, perhaps I will be able to visit the factory.


Osborne and Rockian at Melbourne Audio Clu .

 Next  meeting at Nunawadong Civic Centre, third Wednesday at 8pm in the Willis room:
Hi Dave,

list of equipment that will be used for the Rockian meeting.

Audio Aero La Source CD/SACD Music Centre

AM RT – 2 Pre Amp.

AM Audio 833m Mono Amps – This is a new smaller,version of the flagShip  four box 833S amp using the amazing 833 valve in a pure Class A,Single ended configuration, they put out an impressive 140w/ch.

Osborn Epitome Towers – second from the top in the Osborn speaker range, they stand just over 1.5meters tall and accommodate two 10 inch bass drivers.