The problem is how to stop the smoke from escaping!

Prevoius DIY nights at the Melbourne Audio Club often included bangs, smoke and burning smells!

Wednesday 16 December, you can expect none of that, under our presidents guiding hand no smoke allowed.


It’s that time of year again when the DIY group get to show off their Hi Fi projects at the December General Meeting. It looks like another busy year for the group as they have managed to put together three different systems for the night.

The showcase of DIY projects that will be presented, will include a Class D amp based on the Eastern Audio Technologies T4 amp module, producing 180w/ch into 8 ohms. A Pre & Power amp combo with Mosfet’s rated at 100w, derived from a David Tillbrook design. It looks like the speakers for the night share the same family when it comes to implementation. Both pairs will be a Three Way Dipole setup, one pair using a ribbon tweeter with Peerless drivers, the other a trio of Vifa drivers per panel.

The program for the night will run the same as last year. All three systems will be played before the coffee break. With each system having an allotted time of no more than 30 minutes. Each presenter will get to explain their gear and play some music. This should see us finish the program by 10:00 pm, allowing all the members on the night to hear the three systems.

The earlier ending to the nights program, will give us a chance to ask the talented DIY individuals about their projects. We all know how passionate members can be when it comes to building their own equipment. See you on the night.

Nick Karayanis – proxy Program Co-ordinator / Vice President.


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