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Digital Like You’ve Never Heard it Before
A Pure Music Group Presentation
This month we are very pleased to have Warwick Freemantle from the Pure Music Group, introducing to the club a very special guest from New Zealand. He has invited Mark Jenkins of Antipodes Audio to present a talk entitled, “Digital Like You’ve Never Heard it Before”.
Topics that will be covered in the talk will be :
The process of enjoying music
What it means for digital product design
Demonstration of design impacts
Antipodes server design features
Demonstration of differences in the server range
Where Antipodes is headed.
As part of the talk, a program of music will be used to demonstrate the different models of Antipodes Music Servers, the entry level DS unit and the flagship DX. With the ever evolving computer hardware, new output technology has dramatically reduced the noise floor and eliminated digital glare and grain from the DS in this, the third generation of this model. The DX uses solid state storage, and special dual linear power supplies, designed to eliminate power supply noise in critical areas. The result is a combination of staggering detail retrieval, without any glare or grain, revealing the finest textural differences between voices and instruments.
We will also learn about streaming music as well as ripping CDs, as these units are more than just a storage component for High Res’ music. Insert a CD and it will be ripped to uncompressed FLAC and your disc’s corresponding Meta data and artwork will be retrieved from the internet.
Partnering equipment will be a new product from Warwicks stable of international brands. The Playback Designs Integrated system combines DAC + Preamp + Power Amp in one box. The class A/B stereo amplifier is capable of producing 130W/channel into 8ohms, and doubles that into 4ohms. Gauder Akustik loudspeakers with Argento Cables finish off the system.
If members cannot attend the MAC meeting there will be a repeat of the talk at the Pure Music Group Showroom in Moorabin on Thursday 18th. Please call Warwick on 0409 504 805, to book a place.
It’s going to be a very interesting and informative evening, see you on the night.
Nick Karayanis – proxy Program Co-ordinator / Vice antipodes_DX_3

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