Quad and Cabasse at Melbourne Audio Club

If you are not a member of the Melbourne Audio Club pleas visit as a guest and meet some of the members. It’s a great opportunity to meet and socialise with people with similar opinions as well as a few whose opinions are quite alternative.

The programmes for the general meetings are very well organised, brief business and announcements of planned home meetings followed by a presentation of new and interesting equipment. The music selection is usually planned well ahead by the programme co-ordinator.

A good evening of music, socialising and hearing something new.

The new Quad Altera power amp with the CD player preamp called Play as heard last meeting, driving Quad Z2 speakers and Cabasse speakers.

Attractive design and typical Quad sound. The amplifier is a 140W current dumping design

Cabasse make an expensive system, it is big and spherical:

“Cabasse have these big balls!”andrew

Bookshelf speakers too:


Nick advised everyone not to go into the kitchen before 9:30 out of good manners.

Programme coordinator

“No-one is to go out the back until 9:30!”

The Quad Z2 with a ribbon tweeter, answering a question from Hugh

Question from the man in the yellow shirt


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