Melbourne Audio Club 20th April

The name Hugh Dean, is synonymous with the Aspen amplifier range. His kit form amplifiers have won many hearts among audio enthusiasts who appreciate a very high standard of sound. His latest model the MAYA, is the culmination of over twenty years of innovative amplifier design, starting in 1974 with the Glass Harmony.
The MAYA was conceived in 2015, when a topology breakthrough appeared which Hugh will attest, has brought huge improvements in bandwidth, speed and clarity. This 200W per channel amplifier comprises four discrete stages; Input stage, including a feedback node; Voltage Amp stage, Driver stage, and the Output stage, which uses a single pair of very large 480 watt MOSFETS.
The MAYA avoids phase issues, yielding significant stability and linearity for a global feedback amplifier. It uses only 29dB of global feedback, possible because the first and second stages of the amplifier are extremely linear. With very low THD, less than 0.025% into 200W, very low noise, and very low odd order harmonics, this is the primary aim in this design. The musical grace of tubes with solid state muscle.
Partnering the amplifier will be the VSonics Transmission Line speaker. This is a compact, two way using a Three-Way Fold, an 8” SEAS woofer and a 1” Peerless tweeter crossing over at 2,600Hz. The 32 litre enclosure has a sensitivity of 87dB/watt/meter. With a front aperture, the 1metre tall by 9” wide loudspeaker is very suitable for small rooms or apartments. Available as a kit for $1420,including crossovers, fasteners, filling and detailed specifications with instructions. You need to purchase the drivers and timber to finish of the speakers. The MAYA can be bought fully assembled for $3600 plus GST, or a DIY build from a pair of tested and assembled pcbs modules for $2200 plus GST.
Midrange bloom, solid state glare, lifeless sound ? None of that with Aspen Amplifiers. With a sound quality to rival the very best in High End, will see if this “Hugh-Dean-ie” has done his magic on the MAYA.
Nick Karayanis – proxy Program Co-ordinator / Vice President.

Maya board

Maya board



Houdini to appear at the Melbourne Audio Club

Wednesday 20 April expect magic from Hugh Dean (hughdeani). The presentation will be Hugh’s top of the range amplifier, and he will describe how the Aspen amplifiers have evolved.