Melbourne Audio Club and Osborn

Affordable Excellence
Early in the year, I was asked by one of the guys on the committee, “Why don’t we get Greg Osborn to do a presentation with a selection of his affordable Hi Fi products”. A phone call later and a suitable month, Greg was keen to suggest a system. A front end and amplifier from the Consonance product range, and a selection of his No Compromise Loudspeakers’.
The night will start off with the smallest of his speakers, the EOS. This two-way model has been in his stable of speakers ever since he started selling back in 1984. Now in its third generation, they use a 143mm W cone matched to a 25mm fabric cone tweeter. Constructed of 1” customwood they retail for $1930.
The next speaker on demo is a two-way floor standing model. The INTERLUDE is the perfect compromise between size and performance. It has the same sense of power and authority as the larger speakers in the range. With an 8inch Polykevlar cone their performance will satisfy anyone who wants a big sound, but does not have the space. Retailing at $2595, they are constructed from 32mm customwood and are finished off with high quality timber veneers.
The Osborn ECLIPSE will be last speaker on demo. This conventional three-way model stands at a height of 110cm. They house a 25mm dome tweeter with a Sonomex surround, a midrange driver with a 165mm W cone, and a 205mm paper cone with a unique Nextel coating that looks after the bass. Selling for $4470, the “Eclipse” has been designed for the Asian Market and smaller European homes, for people who want most of the power and authority of the larger “Epitomes”, but cannot accommodate their sheer size.
Greg has chosen to demonstrate his trio of speakers with a $3875 integrated amplifier. “The Consonance 880i is my biggest selling amplifier. It is quite awesome, weighing 28kg, Pure Class A Triode and punches out 100w/ch of quite stunning musicality”. Last but not least, a new Media Server from Consonance will be playing all the software for the night. The new Reference 8-20 Music Player signifies the Companies 20th anniversary, with an inbuilt DAC that matches their top of the range CD player. Does this spell the imminent death of CDs ?
Nick Karayanis – proxy Program Co-ordinator / Vice Presedent.


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