Melbourne Audio Club meeting July

A correction,I have the programme details for the next MAC meeting. I made a mistake in the proposed programme, the music will be Members Choice, and hardware from Ray’s Hi Fi Exchange stock and personal collection.
Here is the writeup from Nick:
This month’s meeting will be a members request with club members providing the musical program. MAC members are invited to bring along a favourite or new piece of music that could appeal to other members. Put some thought into the track selection, I will be listening for some new demo material for future club presentations
On entry, each member with a CD will be given a slip of paper to write their name on. A table next to the door will have tree containers marked : Classical, Jazz and Other. Please put the slip of paper into the appropriate container. When your name is pulled out, you will be offered the opportunity to play your music.

To ensure as many members as possible can participate, the maximum time for each track will be no more than 5 minutes. This should get us through plenty of CD’s before the coffee break.
Equipment on the night will be provided by Ray Goh from the Hi Fi Exchange. At the time of this write-up, Ray was still finalising the equipment selection. With so much gear to choose from, his shop is an Aladdin’s Cave of classic old gear looking for a new home. Whatever gear he puts together for the night, I’m sure it will be a thoroughly satisfying musical presentation.
This would be a good opportunity for all members to discover some new sounds at this meeting. Maybe you heard a new piece of music at the recent Melbourne HI FI Show, and would like to share it with other members. There’s more to Hi Fi than just the equipment.
Nick Karayanis – the real Program Co-ordinator

I expect this to be a most entertaining evening. Remember, guests are welcome, and a reminder members subscriptions are due for this year

And a picture taken by Nick at the HiFi Show




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