More Real Horns! Melbourne Audio Club

RED SPADE AUDIO at the next meeting Wednesday 21 Septemberpse-144-2
Last month we were introduced to a Henry Kristanto from Sydney. His designs are based on high-output and efficient speakers. This month we have a local Melbourne business headed by another enthusiast, Paul Spencer from Red Spade Audio. His mission, to create a wide-band, single point source elliptical horn, designed to appeal to more mainstream audiophiles. The PSE-144 is such a speaker. It combines a horn loaded 1”compression driver with four dedicated 4” midrange drivers coupled via an acoustic chamber. All outputs combine near the throat where a point source emerges.
“A horn loudspeaker must radiate from a point source, otherwise severe problems occur” says Paul. “Traditional horn speakers tend to excel in some areas at the expense of others.”
The PSE-144 measure 900mm Wide x 600mm High, with a total depth of 482mm.This isn’t a small horn. All sound above 350 Hz emerges from a single point source. Dispersion control is one of the most important aspects of this loudspeakers design. The music is presented within a wide and deep soundstage. Available as a kit, the speaker comes with all the necessary components including a pre-assembled crossover and a mounting stand for the horn. Options to consider is colour, black or white and a suitable woofer with enclosure.
We will be listening to the PSE-144 with one of Red Spade Audios recommended woofers from Acoustic Elegance, an 18 or 15inch model. The speakers will be demonstrated with a Behringer Active X-Over, while amplification will be a Pre & Power combo from Elektra Audio. In terms of the presentation, Paul and his business partner Roger, will go into the history of the project. They will explain some of the technical aspects behind the design.
With the micro-dynamics of an electrostatic speaker and the sensitivity of a professional audio system, Red Spade Audios new horn speaker, is designed to attract those who previously disliked horns.
Nick Karayanis – the real Program Co-ordinator.

Tri and his Garrard 301s

garrard 301 2

The 301 in an experimental plinth

Garrard 301 6

New thrust plate, new cap and motor refurbished

Garrard 301 5

Very free running new idler wheel, speed capstan and improved eddy current speed control

Garrard 301 4

Installing the new idler wheel. Brand new felt ring on bearing

The older 301. Different capstan, different eddy current brake.

Garrard 301 8301 with Koetsu

The two 301s.

Garrard 301 7