Happy 90th Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry turned 90, and has produced a new album, “Chuck”. Dedicated to his wife of sixty eight years, he said “My Darlin’, I’m growing old. I’ve workede on this record for a long time. Now I can hang up my shoes”.

Expected in 2017, “Chuck”  features predominantly new songs thje he wrote, produced and recorded himself in his studio in home town St Lois. His band is the band that has backed him for two decades at the Blueberry Hills club in St Lois.

In the documentary “Hey Hey Rock and Roll” Jerry Lee Lewis is quoted as saying “We got in a fight- that’s when we became friends. He whupped my butt.” The reason for the fight according to Jerry Lee Lewis was “He said he was the king of rock and roll. I said I was!”

As I was motivatin’ over the hill

I saw Maybellene in a Coupe de Ville

A Cadillac rollin’ on the open road

Nothin’ will outrun my V8 Ford

Cadillac doin’ about ninety-five

She’s bumper to bumper, rollin’ side by side

Maybell\ene! Why can’t you be true?

Maybellene 1955

Not forgetting “Roll over Beethoven,” “Rock and roll music.”  “Sweet little sixteen,” “Memphis, Tennessee”, “No particular place to go,” “Nadine,” “Joihnny B Goode,” “Carole” and more.



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