Joe Rasmussen

After last week’s demonstration I checked Joe’s website ( note the correct spelling of analogue).

Lots to read and in investigate. He showed the frequency response, phase angle and impedance curves of his Elsinore speaker design. Worth a look, and certainly worth hearing of you get the opportunity.

Pictures of Joe will appear soon!

Jo Rasmussen in Melbourne

Next Melbourne Audio Club meeting Wednesday 17th May, in the Willis room, Nunawading Civic Centre.

The meeting begins at 8pm with reports of home meetings, other business tonight will be a vote on a change to the constitution. The presentation by Custom Analogue Audio and Joe Rasmussen JLTi will be of great interest to all Oppo users.

This month the club is very privileged to have an audio enthusiast travel all the way from Sydney to present at the club. Joe Rasmussen is known among the DIY audio fraternity as the “Father of the Buffered Gainclone” His collaboration with the late Allen Wright, led him to develop several projects starting back in 1975 with a “hybrid tube amplifier” In 2001 their work saw them develop upgrade modules for the first generation Sony SACD players.
Joe will be presenting at the club his latest upgrade projects. The JLTi Oppo level 4.2+ACB, is a highly modified Oppo-105D fitted with no less than eight modules. Each having a specific task – Master Clock – DAC Clock – Terra Firma power supply – all designed and developed by Joe at Custom Analogue Audio.
“Ultimate Digital playback deserves Ultimate Stability! This is about the importance of clocking CD players and digital playback, a new standard of performance. How to make digital sound more like good vinyl”
His collection of equipment that will fill the room with sound, will include two amplifiers, a prototype “Beyond Triode” amplifier – A New Type of Tube Amplifier, and a DIY 40 Watt “Transconductance Amplifier” This solid state unit will be brought along for a bit of fun. Designed to output ‘current’ it will be demonstrated with his Elsinore Mk6 speakers. Compatible with this amplifier they can be driven from any source impedance and hence does not rely on the ‘damping factor’ of the amplifier. The “Beyond Triode” amplifier encompasses thirty years of experience and developments rolled into one design. The prototype unit a Yaqin MC-100B, has been upgraded to give a great boost in the ‘Permeability’ of the output transformers, which then translates into an extreme level of resolution.
To round off the equipment list for the night, two versions of the JLTi Phono Stage will be presented, a single box unit, and the new Deluxe Phono Stage. The Deluxe version is a two-box unit with a ‘beefed up’ design in the gain and buffer stages plus a massive separate power supply with extreme filtering that reduces power supply noise.
What Joe Rasmussen has achieved by taking a good quality product, amp or CD player, and lifting its performance to more than just one level, but several, makes music sound just lovely-Just Listen To it.
Nick Karayanis – Program Co-ordinator.