A transmission line speaker like no other!

Melbourne Audio Club’s “Audio Action” group have finalised the unique transmission line speaker they designed and produced. The meeting is next Wednesday 21 June, as well as the AGM the new speaker will have it’s first public outing.

The Camel Project
Once again the Annual General Meeting has come around for another year. It is always the intention to keep business dealings at the meeting to a minimum, with nominations for Committee positions and Music Convenors.
After the club business, we will be entertained for the night by the guys from the Audio Action group. No, this isn’t a cabaret act, but a group of MAC members who have been lead by Ron Newbond in developing a speaker project. Over the past twelve months, the group has been collaborating in designing and building a ‘Camel’, well that’s what Ron calls it. The ‘Camel’ in question is actually a three way Transmission Line speaker, but not in the usual tall rectangular box shape.Well what do you expect when you get a dozen MAC members together to design a speaker?
This unique looking speaker is based around a cylindrical enclosure that houses the transmission line, while the front baffle presents to the listener a ‘surfboard shape’ that seems to float off the floor. You could even say the selection of drivers is unconventional. The tweeter is an air motion transformer (AMT), while the mid and bass cones are made from aluminium.
Ron will start the presentation with a short explanation on some of the technical issues with building such a speaker. How some of the challenges were resolved as well as why the group chose to develop this type of speaker. Then each member from the group will get to play a piece of music to the club. Ron assures me that the group will have a good selection of music that will demonstrate the best performance out of the speakers.Sounds like we will have an interesting and enjoyable night. Not to be missed.
Nick Karayanis, Program Co-ordinator.