Melbourne Audio Club Wed 20 September

The committee’s choice of music for the meeting was interesting and varied. A surprise was a veey live recording of Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa. Very live!

The equipment lineup was interesting, Ray’s selection of Marantz amp and Gale speakers was a good vintage sound. The second setup with Naim amplification and Vienna speakers was very warm and musical. It is great that members are so generous with their time and equipment. Thanks Ray and Nick.

This month’s meeting will be more of a music presentation, and less to do with the equipment. The new committee will present to the club a selection of music from their favourite CD’s. It could be a track from one of their ‘desert island discs’ or a recent purchase. The program will cycle through the numerous tracks presented by each committee member.
To ensure that we get through as many different tracks as possible, I’ve requested that each track to be no more than 5 minutes long. This will get us through plenty of CD’s before the coffee break. While it’s good to have a music program for the night, a system to play all the music on would be appropriate.
Ray Go from the Hi Fi Exchange will be providing the equipment for the night. In fact we will have two systems to listen too. The first is a pair of refurbished Gale 401 speakers matched to a Marantz SM-11S1 power amp. Reviewed by Stereophile magazine back in May 2008, they commented “The Marantz’s clean, fast, revealing,surprisingly transparent, well-organised overall presentation took the most challenging recordings in its stride.”
The second system will have a large pair of floor standing speakers and a valve power amp. Ray is keeping the details of the gear a mystery up until the night of the meeting. I can tell you that both systems will have the same front end, an OPPO 95 as a transport and a LAMPIZATOR Dac will be taking care of the D to A conversion.
This would be a good opportunity for all members to discover some new music at this meeting. I’m sure the guys on the committee will do their best to present a thoroughly satisfying night of music.
Nick Karayanis – Program Co-ordinator.