Melbourne Audio Club meeting already!

Seems like only a few days ago we had the Melody demonstration. Wednesday night will be another top sounding presentation.

18th April, 8 pm in the Willis room, Nunawading Civic Centre


This month we welcome back Ian Robinson and Lindy Gerber from Redgum Audio. The last time we had them present at the club, they had just celebrated an audio milestone – 21 years in the Hi Fi Industry. Since then a number of new components have been developed, thus the product theme for the night: All things black and (mostly) small.

The Redgum Black Series of components will comprise of the RGMP8 Media Player – $990, the RGDAC8 – $990 and the RGi35ENR amplifier – $2000. All designed in Melbourne and assembled in China. To complete the system a pair of Axis VoiceBox S Mini-Monitors – $2500 – in a glossy black finish.

The Media Player and DAC are designed to be hidden or stacked together on an hi-fi rack, they share the same size chassis and footprint. The RGMP8 Media Player is perfect for those who just want to play their files. This stand-alone media player automatically creates its own wifi hotspot, no internet connection or network required. It is designed to be used by someone  who has little computer knowledge.

Long before the term “Asynchronous” became widely used, Redgum CD players and DAC’s have been asynchronous from the first model. The RGDAC8 has been ear-tuned to be at least the match of the sonic quality of their top-line DAC. This 3rd generation model has become a Multi-format Hi-res Asynchronous USB DAC.

The Black Series RGi35ENR is the 65Wpc Integrated amplifier, purpose designed to power ultra-low speaker impedances, 95 WRMS into 2 Ohms with short term transients of 560 Watts. The Axis VoiceBox S Mini-Monitor with its 50mm Metal Ribbon tweeter has the sonic virtues to bring out the quality of the electronic components. This system has been presented in the U.S. at the Newport Show and AXPONA, receiving an Audio Oasis Award.

Sounds like we will get to hear an all Australian quality system that will put you in the black.



Thanks Nick Karayanis, programme coordinator and photographer.

If you haven”t joined the club yet, the new financial year begins in July, get your application in at one of the next couple of meetings.