The Hifi Exchange

Sale of the Hifi Exchange. Latest information…

John of Camera Exchange in Melbourne (for more than 20 years) has sold Hifi Exchange which began when his wife suggested he moved most of the speakers and amplifiers and turntables he’d been collecting out of the house and into the Box Hill factory. Luckily for us it became a way to experience music on a range of great equipment, and later, for customers to trade and buy bits and pieces until they achieved their ultimate audio setup.

Now that the Exchange is in Ray’s capable hands we can look forward a new place and new gear in the Rooks Road premises.

Repairs are no longer done on the premises, I will keep you up to date with what Ray plans to do.

Watch this space for the new address and opening at the end of July.

3 comments on “The Hifi Exchange

  1. I think you need to do more than renovate your store, you also need to take stock of the way you treat your customers. I keep hearing the same thing you give people rock bottom price when purchasing equipment and frequently you re-neg on deals after agreeing unconditionally to a price. You then market the equipment for a substantially higher price and wonder why people get annoyed! Further more time and time again you sell faulty equipment particularly amplifiers, and people have to to the trouble top return faulty equipment supposedly checked by your in -house technician. Shame on you – please clean up your act or go back to cameras or your toy cars.!!

    Tony thank you for your comment. I no longer have any connection with John’s Hifi Exchange, I’m sure if you talk to John he’ll be able to sort out all of the issues you raise.
    As far as pricing is concerned, a business has to sell the stock for more than was paid and allow for guarantee repairs and other costs. I have never felt the the selling price was unreasonable.
    You can always contact John directly by phone or email.

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  3. I am personally staggered by the above comment, sure everybody is entitled to their own opinion, that’s what a democracy is all about but this business is more than barging in and expecting to be served yesterday, everybody is in line with courtesy shown to the Owner, there are always two sides to every story, from experience I can tell you one thing you will receive better service with some patience in this location than some of the other surrounding commercial enterprises
    I have been a frequent visitor to these premises for quite some time now and never on any occasion have I been treated with disdain and pleased with my endeavors pursuing Audio Nirvana.
    I might also add as a rider that I am not affiliated in anyway with this business or the independent blog above apart from having the pleasure to purchase audio equipment from these premises that I could only have dreamed of when I was young.

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