An innovative transmission line loudspeaker

Ron Newbound and the DIY group of Melbourne Audio Club have been developing a new transmission line loudspeaker. As a group they came up with a design using tapered Sonotube pipes within the enclosure. Drivers and damping have been installed, crossover design and tweaking are planned for the next meeting. (On April 1st. Not an omen I hope).
If you would like more information come to the meeting Wednesday 15 and join the group. Also enjoy the demonstration of Hugh Dean’s AKSA amplifiers and Kef 105 reference loudspeakers brought by Ray of the Hi Fi Exchange.
8pm in the Willis Room, Nunawading Civic Centre. Third Wednesday of every month


Saturdays at the Hifi Exchange again

Dave is back at John’s hifi exchange on Saturdays, 10am to 2pm. This Sat will be a comparison of SACD and Cd using different SACD machines and switching between the CD and SACD layers. At his stage the preamp will be the superb Audio Research, haven’t decided which speakers to use.