An innovative transmission line loudspeaker

Ron Newbound and the DIY group of Melbourne Audio Club have been developing a new transmission line loudspeaker. As a group they came up with a design using tapered Sonotube pipes within the enclosure. Drivers and damping have been installed, crossover design and tweaking are planned for the next meeting. (On April 1st. Not an omen I hope).
If you would like more information come to the meeting Wednesday 15 and join the group. Also enjoy the demonstration of Hugh Dean’s AKSA amplifiers and Kef 105 reference loudspeakers brought by Ray of the Hi Fi Exchange.
8pm in the Willis Room, Nunawading Civic Centre. Third Wednesday of every month

No Melody at the Audio Club! Wed 19 October at the Willis room 8pm

MELODY AMPLIFIERS will not be able to be at this meeting, more details in the nextost.

Melbourne audiophiles were heard crying for joy as the gloomy clouds of winter parted. The gentle glow from the sky began to warm their hearts with anticipation, for this year they are fortunate to experience two Hi-Fi Shows for the year. This month the Australian Hi-Fi and AV Show returns to Melbourne, showcasing at the Rialto Hotel.
Back in July, the Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show was a first for the StereoNet guys. Not only was it their first time in organising a very successful show, it was also a first for Melody Valve Ltd to exhibit all of their new models of amplifiers. If there ever was an award at a Hi-Fi Show for an “Exhibitor who tried the hardest to impress”, then Melody would be the clear winner.
Melody will be demonstrating two systems for the club, from their new range of Everest Amplifiers. The first model is a 75W Class AB amplifier, the Everest 120, which uses a pair of KT150 tubes per channel. This unit will be partnered with a pair of classic Yamaha NS1000 speakers. (Kindly provided by our Editor) The other amplifier is a pure Class A model. The Everest 845 pushes out 28Wpch from, you guessed it, an 845 tube. It is driven with a 300B, all are Western Electric valves. A second set of speakers from “Hi Fi Exchange” will complete this system. A pair of Whatmough 502’s is a particular brand that is very familiar among the Club members.
Melody was founded back in 1977 by a group of Chinese based audiophiles now living in Melbourne. With a small number of models, finished in “gun metal grey”, they established their first sales out of Bayswater. Now with their third generation of amplifiers looking more esoteric, they have established themselves in Europe with a stable of eight models. With plans to expand further, this small company has come a long way.
Nick Karayanis – Program Co-ordinator.

To add to Nick’s writeup: There are still members who would remember a club visit to the Melody showroom in Bayswater many years ago. At that time the prices seemed very realistic for the sound and build quality despite some disparaging (rude) comments by some of the visitors. In the years since I have sold a number of Melody amplifiers which not only sounded really good but were 100% reliable. I still regret missing a Melody 2A3 that came into the shop while I was away. Maybe one day…
Melody’s history can be found at

Melbourne Audio Club meeting July

A correction,I have the programme details for the next MAC meeting. I made a mistake in the proposed programme, the music will be Members Choice, and hardware from Ray’s Hi Fi Exchange stock and personal collection.
Here is the writeup from Nick:
This month’s meeting will be a members request with club members providing the musical program. MAC members are invited to bring along a favourite or new piece of music that could appeal to other members. Put some thought into the track selection, I will be listening for some new demo material for future club presentations
On entry, each member with a CD will be given a slip of paper to write their name on. A table next to the door will have tree containers marked : Classical, Jazz and Other. Please put the slip of paper into the appropriate container. When your name is pulled out, you will be offered the opportunity to play your music.

To ensure as many members as possible can participate, the maximum time for each track will be no more than 5 minutes. This should get us through plenty of CD’s before the coffee break.
Equipment on the night will be provided by Ray Goh from the Hi Fi Exchange. At the time of this write-up, Ray was still finalising the equipment selection. With so much gear to choose from, his shop is an Aladdin’s Cave of classic old gear looking for a new home. Whatever gear he puts together for the night, I’m sure it will be a thoroughly satisfying musical presentation.
This would be a good opportunity for all members to discover some new sounds at this meeting. Maybe you heard a new piece of music at the recent Melbourne HI FI Show, and would like to share it with other members. There’s more to Hi Fi than just the equipment.
Nick Karayanis – the real Program Co-ordinator

I expect this to be a most entertaining evening. Remember, guests are welcome, and a reminder members subscriptions are due for this year

And a picture taken by Nick at the HiFi Show



Happy 21st Redgum!

The next MAC meeting Wednesday 20 May. Here is a preview of the Redgum presentation. This will be very popular meeting, there has been a lot of interest in Ian’s designs, and he and Lindy usually provide the most interesting and entertaining meetings. Meetings start at 8PM in the Willis room.


Melbourne Audio Club has another world first. To celebrate the 21st anniversary of Redgum products in Australia the club has invited Ian Robinson and Lindy Gerber to present their new flagship monoblock amplifier, the Redgum “Magnificata”. This will be the first public demonstration (yes, a world exclusive!) from their newly named Amplifolia range of amplifiers.
The Magnifica has been purpose designed to power ultra-low impedance speakers, and then some more. A few Power Output stats tell the story… Into 8ohms – greater than 350W/ch (Transient Power 500W). Into 4 ohms – greater than 900W/ch (Transient Power 2000W) All the input connectors are hand – wired with OCC single strand, solid core Silver wiring.
Running off these new mono blocks, will be Redgum’s gorgeous looking Regnans Floorstanding Loudspeakers finished off in a high gloss Redgum wood veneer. The Regnans are a 2.5-way design featuring 2x170mm drivers with a 25mm soft dome tweeter, all sourced from SEAS.
Speaking of source, the front end for the system will be Redgum’s tried and trusted RGCD5ENR CD player, as well as their DAC. In addition a Blue-ray Player fore Hi-Res discs and files from a laptop to round off the music presentation.
It’s been some time, (more than a decade) since we last had Ian and Lindy at a club meeting. With a long and enviable career in the Hi Fi Industry, I am sure this evening will be an impressive demonstration of well designed Australian audio equipment.

ATC at Melbourne Audio Club 15 October!

Next meeting will demonstrate the ATC speakers we had hoped to hear in March. Bill Woodman described the reasoning behind the design of his drivers previously. Now we will be able to hear if they are as good as promised.
The September meeting was really good fun, the music was provided by members, Oppo 95 as the source, the preamp was a Lucas Cant “Black Arts” that Matt has now claimed. The amp was John’s own Tango designed power amp now using Siemens f2a long life pentodes ala Shindo Cortese and Simphonia. Fabulous sound, the speakers were Krixs using 2 8″ drivers plus Dynaudio D76 tweeter.

Lowthers at Melbourne Audio Club 16 July

The unusual Omni Audio Euphony, and the Omni Audio Maestro. These use Lowther drivers (PM6C in the Euphony, DX3 in the Meastro) in a vertical cylindrical enclosure in a 360 degree design. Made in Melbourne,
Interesting meeting, lots of members and visitors to see and hear the Omni speakers which really are beautifully finished. Chris the designer said one of the aims was to make them domestically acceptable, metallic green and red paint.
The sound was something else. Lowthers are fussy about the source and amplifier, and sounded better after swapping the Topping class D amp for a magnificent Luxman valve amp.

Dared 845, Melbourne Audio Club and other thoughts

MAC annual general meeting last night went well, promising to be a good gear ahead. Two positions of interest: currently no programme convener, and an excellent editor for the magazine in Peter A. Any authors with audio articles can send them to the editor via this blog.
Amongst the articles for sale where several of Mark’s valve based preamps and other devices, an Aksa and a Life force (built by Hugh Dean), lots of CDs and records and a mint Dared 845 at a good price from David B.
Unusual use of Lowther drivers in omni or 360° boxes.
November meeting will again be the Osborne’s and Rockian Trading. And December is the DIY night, plenty of time to finish those projects.
I have no computer access to the internet at the moment, all updates via telephone! Anyone wanting to add to this blog please leave a comment and I will reply.
PS every time I type “Lowther” the spell check changes it to “Loathed”. Is it trying to tell us something?


VAF speakers demonstrated by Philip Vafiadis who founded Vaf Research more than 35 years ago!.

What is it that makes South Australia the birthplace of many innovative high end audio products? Other than Vaf there are Krix and of don’t forget Halcro electronics.
Amplifier will be the Electrocompaniet Ampliwire 100, and and Audio Research LS15 preamp. Source will be the Oppo again. The sound of the Oppo and Pre and power combination should be detailed but not clinical, should be a good partnership with the new Vaf speakers.



vaf i66
An excellent demonstration, VAF have made a good sounding well balanced speaker for under $3000. Philip explained the design decisions for using 6 drivers 3 way. The baffle is designed so that with a first order crossover the phasing is consistent at the listening position. Claimed to be easy to drive and with high efficiency, many of these speakers are being driven with Earle Weston’s valve amplifiers.

MAC and ATC drivers, Bill Woodman on Wed 15 Jan

Melbourne Audio Club has a last minute change to Wednesday’s programme: Bill Woodman the founder of ATC Loudspeakers is giving a talk about the beginnings and design philosophy of his designs. As anyone who has used his drivers, especially the 3 inch dome (75 series) will testify, they are extremly low colouration high definition loudspeaker drivers. Several club members use them or have used them in the past. A memorable use is as a midrange driver on Tannoy HPDs. All who were at the “Yello” night will remember the clarity of sound, and of course the bass that the 15″ Tannoys put out.

Not to be missed, Wed 15 January at the Willis Room, 8pm.