An innovative transmission line loudspeaker

Ron Newbound and the DIY group of Melbourne Audio Club have been developing a new transmission line loudspeaker. As a group they came up with a design using tapered Sonotube pipes within the enclosure. Drivers and damping have been installed, crossover design and tweaking are planned for the next meeting. (On April 1st. Not an omen I hope).
If you would like more information come to the meeting Wednesday 15 and join the group. Also enjoy the demonstration of Hugh Dean’s AKSA amplifiers and Kef 105 reference loudspeakers brought by Ray of the Hi Fi Exchange.
8pm in the Willis Room, Nunawading Civic Centre. Third Wednesday of every month

Hugh’s Maya amp at MAC Wednesday

The name Hugh Dean is synonymous with the Aspen amplifier range. His kit form amplifiers have won many hearts among audio enthusiasts who appreciate a very high standard of sound.The Maya 200 and the SAKSA 85 amplifiers are a culmination of over twenty years of innovative design, starting in 1974 with the Glass Harmony.
The Maya was conceived in 2015 when a topology breakthrough appeared, which Hugh will attest has brought huge improvements in speed, bandwidth and clarity. This 200W per channel amplifier comprises four discrete stages: Input stage including a feedback node, Voltage Amp stage, Driver stage, and the Output stage which uses a pair of very large 480 watt MOSFETS.
Hughs primary aim in his amplifier design is very low odd order harmonics. The MAYA avoids phase issues with extremely linear first and second stages. With very low THD, less than 0.025% into 200W and very low noise, the Aspen amplifiers have none of that solid state glare. The amplifiers can be bought as a DIY build from a pair of tested and assembled pcbs modules, starting at $930 plus GST for the SAKSA 85, and $2200 plus GST for the MAYA 200. Both units can now be purchased with purpose built full enclosures.
An OPPO 105 multi disc player will be playing the music, while a pair of classic KEF 105/3’s will entertain us with their sound. The 105/3 was the first Reference Series Loudspeaker from KEF to incorporate Uni-Q technology. This four way floor-standing speaker embodies several advanced and unconventional design features for its time. Its bass section drivers are mounted within the cabinet in a double coupled-cavity configuration. The combined output of the two woofers is radiated through a front mounted 6 inch diameter port. The D’Appolito array on the front panel is shared with a pair of midrange drivers and a KEF Uni-Q driver, with a concentric 6-1/2 inch cone and a 1 inch tweeter.
Midrange bloom, solid state glare, lifeless sound? None of that with Aspen Amplifiers.
Nick KarayanisProgram Co-ordinator.

B&W 800, CLASSE 600. Melbourne’se Audio Club

Wed night, not to be missed

Convoy International is the Australian importer for what arguably is Britain’s most famous loudspeaker company: Bowers and Wilkins. For half a century B&W has been building speakers, and their latest 800 series represents a landmark in the company’s history. Specifically created to celebrate B&W’s 50th anniversary, the 800 series has been re-invented, from the cabinets through to the drive units, just about every component has been newly developed.
Two models will be demonstrated on the night, the 800 D3 and the 805 D3 as two different systems. The B&W 805 D3 will be first. This stand mounted speaker uses a 165mm bass/mid driver matched to B&W’s famous Diamond Tweeter, quite a step up in materials from cloth or base metals that are usually used to build tweeters. Powering these speakers will be NAD’s newest flagship integrated amplifier, the M32 from their ‘Masters’ series of hi-fi components. Speaking of flagships, the second system will feature B&W’s most distinctive looking model, the 800 D3.
This three way floorstander with its Nautilus tube, in which the tweeter is mounted, the ‘head’ containing the midrange driver, and the bass unit, are all entirely new. Gone is the yellow coloured Kevlar material now upgraded to a metallised finish on the midrange cone. Just as striking is the new head, reshaped to enhance its rigidity, it now sits on the shoulders of the bass cabinet. The most obvious change is the curved front to the bass cabinet, into which are fixed circular metal mounts for the two 12 inch bass drivers. To prevent cabinet vibrations and inhibit standing waves, a system B&W calls ‘Matrix” bracing has been optimised, while the back of the cabinet gets a finned alloy heatsink, -it’s not just there for looks.
The B&W 800 D3 deserves a flagship system to show off their abilities, from the stables of Convoy, a pair of CLASSE mono blocks will power the speakers. The CA-M600 amplifiers put out 600 watts each, plenty of headroom for the speakers and the size of our room. The matching CLASSE CP-800 II Preamplifier/Processor will complete the system.
With such a distinguished brand of high-end speaker and amplification at the MAC, the best seats in the house are going to fill up very quickly.
Nick Karayanis – Program Co-ordinator.

November at the Melbourne Audio Club

Life members Bev and Ian from Rockian and Hrg Osborn will again be the presenters, new recordings to losyen to and available to purchase. Greg will provide another amazing system from his range of amplifiets and loudspeakers.

Other news: Bob Dylan has posted the news pf his Nobel prize onhis website after seemingly ognoring it!

New disc released by Leonard Cohen

This blog might be quiet for a while as I will be away from internet access.

Happy 90th Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry turned 90, and has produced a new album, “Chuck”. Dedicated to his wife of sixty eight years, he said “My Darlin’, I’m growing old. I’ve workede on this record for a long time. Now I can hang up my shoes”.

Expected in 2017, “Chuck”  features predominantly new songs thje he wrote, produced and recorded himself in his studio in home town St Lois. His band is the band that has backed him for two decades at the Blueberry Hills club in St Lois.

In the documentary “Hey Hey Rock and Roll” Jerry Lee Lewis is quoted as saying “We got in a fight- that’s when we became friends. He whupped my butt.” The reason for the fight according to Jerry Lee Lewis was “He said he was the king of rock and roll. I said I was!”

As I was motivatin’ over the hill

I saw Maybellene in a Coupe de Ville

A Cadillac rollin’ on the open road

Nothin’ will outrun my V8 Ford

Cadillac doin’ about ninety-five

She’s bumper to bumper, rollin’ side by side

Maybell\ene! Why can’t you be true?

Maybellene 1955

Not forgetting “Roll over Beethoven,” “Rock and roll music.”  “Sweet little sixteen,” “Memphis, Tennessee”, “No particular place to go,” “Nadine,” “Joihnny B Goode,” “Carole” and more.


Late news-different programme

Wednesday’s Melbourne Audio Club meeting will go ahead with some nice gear courtesy of Ray at the HiFi Exchange and Peter with his NS1000s and suitable amplification. Expect a nice valve pre and power amp from Ray, and Whatmough speakers.

Just a thought: perhaps we should celebrate this year’s Nobel Laureate, the writer Robert Zimmerman.

Nick will supply some interesting music on CD, if anyone has any new music to bring contact Nick or leave a comment on the blog.

No Melody at the Audio Club! Wed 19 October at the Willis room 8pm

MELODY AMPLIFIERS will not be able to be at this meeting, more details in the nextost.

Melbourne audiophiles were heard crying for joy as the gloomy clouds of winter parted. The gentle glow from the sky began to warm their hearts with anticipation, for this year they are fortunate to experience two Hi-Fi Shows for the year. This month the Australian Hi-Fi and AV Show returns to Melbourne, showcasing at the Rialto Hotel.
Back in July, the Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show was a first for the StereoNet guys. Not only was it their first time in organising a very successful show, it was also a first for Melody Valve Ltd to exhibit all of their new models of amplifiers. If there ever was an award at a Hi-Fi Show for an “Exhibitor who tried the hardest to impress”, then Melody would be the clear winner.
Melody will be demonstrating two systems for the club, from their new range of Everest Amplifiers. The first model is a 75W Class AB amplifier, the Everest 120, which uses a pair of KT150 tubes per channel. This unit will be partnered with a pair of classic Yamaha NS1000 speakers. (Kindly provided by our Editor) The other amplifier is a pure Class A model. The Everest 845 pushes out 28Wpch from, you guessed it, an 845 tube. It is driven with a 300B, all are Western Electric valves. A second set of speakers from “Hi Fi Exchange” will complete this system. A pair of Whatmough 502’s is a particular brand that is very familiar among the Club members.
Melody was founded back in 1977 by a group of Chinese based audiophiles now living in Melbourne. With a small number of models, finished in “gun metal grey”, they established their first sales out of Bayswater. Now with their third generation of amplifiers looking more esoteric, they have established themselves in Europe with a stable of eight models. With plans to expand further, this small company has come a long way.
Nick Karayanis – Program Co-ordinator.

To add to Nick’s writeup: There are still members who would remember a club visit to the Melody showroom in Bayswater many years ago. At that time the prices seemed very realistic for the sound and build quality despite some disparaging (rude) comments by some of the visitors. In the years since I have sold a number of Melody amplifiers which not only sounded really good but were 100% reliable. I still regret missing a Melody 2A3 that came into the shop while I was away. Maybe one day…
Melody’s history can be found at

More Real Horns! Melbourne Audio Club

RED SPADE AUDIO at the next meeting Wednesday 21 Septemberpse-144-2
Last month we were introduced to a Henry Kristanto from Sydney. His designs are based on high-output and efficient speakers. This month we have a local Melbourne business headed by another enthusiast, Paul Spencer from Red Spade Audio. His mission, to create a wide-band, single point source elliptical horn, designed to appeal to more mainstream audiophiles. The PSE-144 is such a speaker. It combines a horn loaded 1”compression driver with four dedicated 4” midrange drivers coupled via an acoustic chamber. All outputs combine near the throat where a point source emerges.
“A horn loudspeaker must radiate from a point source, otherwise severe problems occur” says Paul. “Traditional horn speakers tend to excel in some areas at the expense of others.”
The PSE-144 measure 900mm Wide x 600mm High, with a total depth of 482mm.This isn’t a small horn. All sound above 350 Hz emerges from a single point source. Dispersion control is one of the most important aspects of this loudspeakers design. The music is presented within a wide and deep soundstage. Available as a kit, the speaker comes with all the necessary components including a pre-assembled crossover and a mounting stand for the horn. Options to consider is colour, black or white and a suitable woofer with enclosure.
We will be listening to the PSE-144 with one of Red Spade Audios recommended woofers from Acoustic Elegance, an 18 or 15inch model. The speakers will be demonstrated with a Behringer Active X-Over, while amplification will be a Pre & Power combo from Elektra Audio. In terms of the presentation, Paul and his business partner Roger, will go into the history of the project. They will explain some of the technical aspects behind the design.
With the micro-dynamics of an electrostatic speaker and the sensitivity of a professional audio system, Red Spade Audios new horn speaker, is designed to attract those who previously disliked horns.
Nick Karayanis – the real Program Co-ordinator.

Tri and his Garrard 301s

garrard 301 2

The 301 in an experimental plinth

Garrard 301 6

New thrust plate, new cap and motor refurbished

Garrard 301 5

Very free running new idler wheel, speed capstan and improved eddy current speed control

Garrard 301 4

Installing the new idler wheel. Brand new felt ring on bearing

The older 301. Different capstan, different eddy current brake.

Garrard 301 8301 with Koetsu

The two 301s.

Garrard 301 7