Lowthers at Melbourne Audio Club 16 July

The unusual Omni Audio Euphony, and the Omni Audio Maestro. These use Lowther drivers (PM6C in the Euphony, DX3 in the Meastro) in a vertical cylindrical enclosure in a 360 degree design. Made in Melbourne,
Interesting meeting, lots of members and visitors to see and hear the Omni speakers which really are beautifully finished. Chris the designer said one of the aims was to make them domestically acceptable, metallic green and red paint.
The sound was something else. Lowthers are fussy about the source and amplifier, and sounded better after swapping the Topping class D amp for a magnificent Luxman valve amp.

Dared 845, Melbourne Audio Club and other thoughts

MAC annual general meeting last night went well, promising to be a good gear ahead. Two positions of interest: currently no programme convener, and an excellent editor for the magazine in Peter A. Any authors with audio articles can send them to the editor via this blog.
Amongst the articles for sale where several of Mark’s valve based preamps and other devices, an Aksa and a Life force (built by Hugh Dean), lots of CDs and records and a mint Dared 845 at a good price from David B.
Unusual use of Lowther drivers in omni or 360° boxes.
November meeting will again be the Osborne’s and Rockian Trading. And December is the DIY night, plenty of time to finish those projects.
I have no computer access to the internet at the moment, all updates via telephone! Anyone wanting to add to this blog please leave a comment and I will reply.
PS every time I type “Lowther” the spell check changes it to “Loathed”. Is it trying to tell us something?

Open Baffle Lowther at Derek.

A chance to hear some open baffle Lowthers. Having just listened to Vivid V1.5s driven by Conrad Johnson this is a week of fast clean systems.

I was impressed to hear Derek’s open baffle Lowther PM6A system on Friday. I was expecting fast transients and accurate leading and trailing edges to the music, but was preparing myself for the usual peaks in the Lowther response. What a surprise! An open baffle Lowther that did NOT have shrieking strings, penetrating brass and all the usual Lowther attributes. But it did have amazing speed and transparency, showing off the quality of a Wadia CD player and a superb custom preamp and Weston 300B SE valve amp.

Audio Guild Melbourne 9 May

The Audio Guild meeting at Mohan’s again. As expected the sound from preamps and phono stages was impressive,  how about a rebuilt and modified Cambridge pps which sounded pretty much as good as the best high end names! The usual members generously sharing their experience.

Apparently NO meeting for June.

More on the Melbourne Audio Club 17 March meeting

Mohan and members of the Audio Guild (Lowther club) demonstrated some of the best sounding equipment we’ve heard recently. Duc’s Commonwealth turntable with Reed arm and Zyx Airy cartridge sounded great using Duc’s Valve phono stage and 2A3 SET amp (2W).
Altec 15″ 416Bs in Onken cabinets, mids Altec 288c with 1005 multicellular horns, and JBL 2495 for high frequencies all creating a highly dynamic sound, not often heard these days.
If you think 2W single ended is not enough power for the Willis room you are right. The sound was fabulous, but the 2W output was struggling on some peaks. The music was chosen to show off the wide dynamic range, one of the highlights was Lighning Hopkins blues recorded in 1963. It makes one wonder why so many modern recordings seem incapable of capturing natural sound!

Melbourne Audio Club and Audio Guild

Wednesday 17 March is a special night at the Melbourne Audio Club. Visitors from the Audio Guild (Lowther club) will be showing off some of the best sounding equipment in Australia. Come and hear Duc’s Commonwealth turntable with Reed arm and Zyx Airy cartridge, Tony’s JFET phono stage and Duc’s Valve phono stage. Amplification by Varkeylabs 41C SET (5W) and Duc’s 2A3 SET amp (2W).
Speakers will be Altec 15″ 416Bs in Onken cabinets, mids Alrec 288c with 1005 multicellular horns, and JBL 2495 for high frequencies!
The meeting is in the Willis room at the Nunawading Civic Centre in Whitehorse Rd, starting at 8pm.
This will be an opportunity to hear some great equipment, visitors and members welcome.