Sonus Faber, Audio Research, Cambridge and Rega

The August Melbourne Audio Club meeting had all the above
Wednesday August20. Audio Research VSi 75 integrated amp with AR CD6 source, and Sonus Faber Olympics II speakers. Can!bridge Audio speakers will be most interesting, the upper bass, mid and tweeter (they call it a BMR, crossover point 250Hz) is a new design. So ctronics from Rega.
Nick is still the acting programme convenor.
Update: the Cambridge bookshelf speakers were the star of the show, retail price $699 for z clean uncoloured sound with reasonable bass for a small box, and they could play loud enough in the Willis room with the Rega 90 Watt amplifier from CD. Synergy snowed a good range of products and have offered to give club members good pricing, contact them through Nick or the committee.

Lowthers at Melbourne Audio Club 16 July

The unusual Omni Audio Euphony, and the Omni Audio Maestro. These use Lowther drivers (PM6C in the Euphony, DX3 in the Meastro) in a vertical cylindrical enclosure in a 360 degree design. Made in Melbourne,
Interesting meeting, lots of members and visitors to see and hear the Omni speakers which really are beautifully finished. Chris the designer said one of the aims was to make them domestically acceptable, metallic green and red paint.
The sound was something else. Lowthers are fussy about the source and amplifier, and sounded better after swapping the Topping class D amp for a magnificent Luxman valve amp.

Dared 845, Melbourne Audio Club and other thoughts

MAC annual general meeting last night went well, promising to be a good gear ahead. Two positions of interest: currently no programme convener, and an excellent editor for the magazine in Peter A. Any authors with audio articles can send them to the editor via this blog.
Amongst the articles for sale where several of Mark’s valve based preamps and other devices, an Aksa and a Life force (built by Hugh Dean), lots of CDs and records and a mint Dared 845 at a good price from David B.
Unusual use of Lowther drivers in omni or 360° boxes.
November meeting will again be the Osborne’s and Rockian Trading. And December is the DIY night, plenty of time to finish those projects.
I have no computer access to the internet at the moment, all updates via telephone! Anyone wanting to add to this blog please leave a comment and I will reply.
PS every time I type “Lowther” the spell check changes it to “Loathed”. Is it trying to tell us something?

Ken Shindo and Art Dudley, and Next MAC meeting

A really erudite article about craftsmanship and value, and an appreciation of Ken Shindo and his work in the current Stereophile. (Available online. Stereophile’s website, and Art Dudley’s Listening #138). Shindo’s pre and power amplifiers are prime examples of how equipment should sound and look, and are constructed in the manner of heirlooms.

Pleasefeel free to add to the list ofof hi fi gear that should be regarded in this category:

Shindo of course,  and Yamamoto. From Australia the products of Earle Wes

add as many as you can think of including controversial small businesses like Note Perfect, Black Arts Audio etc.

By the way,the next Melbourne Audio Club meeting on Wednesday 18 is the BRING AND BUY night as well as the AGM. There are always great buys, including vinyl and CDs.











MAC and ATC drivers, Bill Woodman on Wed 15 Jan

Melbourne Audio Club has a last minute change to Wednesday’s programme: Bill Woodman the founder of ATC Loudspeakers is giving a talk about the beginnings and design philosophy of his designs. As anyone who has used his drivers, especially the 3 inch dome (75 series) will testify, they are extremly low colouration high definition loudspeaker drivers. Several club members use them or have used them in the past. A memorable use is as a midrange driver on Tannoy HPDs. All who were at the “Yello” night will remember the clarity of sound, and of course the bass that the 15″ Tannoys put out.

Not to be missed, Wed 15 January at the Willis Room, 8pm.


Audio Guild (Mohan’s mob) Klipschorns

Start at 8PM  Klipschorns


The Audio Guild crowd turned up at John’s shed at the bottom of the garden to listen to his excellent Klipschorns, slightly filled in with the Hartley 2×24″ sub. Power and preamp by Luxman/Luxkit, the preamp running from battery power.

Also in use was the EMT 930 in it’s industrial hammertone grey finish, initially with an SPU and then with the rare Neumann cartridge, pic to follow:

EMT 930

And for technical info have a look at


Later there was (By popular request) a change to another Luxman integrated amplifier and the beautiful JBL4431 monitors.

After tasty music supplied by Rockian and others, and dim sims, spring rolls and samosas, many of us left. Thanks John!

September Melbourne Audio Club meeting

AKSA amps  presented by Hugh Dean including his latest, first half of the meeting with the 100 Watt Aksa, then the new all MOSFET version which sounded even better. 80Watts, but an open yet pleasant sound, with a some of the valve sound that Hugh was trying to achieve. Well done, and selling for $2200.

Speakers were the Triangle kits the Nick and Ron made some time ago, also sounding pretty good in the difficult Willis room. Great selection of music provided by Nick; lots of compliments by the audience on the music chosen. Even applause from the floor after a particularly good track. Tough house!

Thanks Hugh and Nick.

As usual 8pm at the Willis room in Nunawading Civic Centre.

Arthur Rapos and Elektra

(Wed 17th) Arthur presented his newest range of pre and power amplifiers at the Melbourne Audio Club.  |Fairly small turnout, but it was interesting to hear Arthur’s design priciples and how he ensures the lowest possible distortion using the best sounding components as well as the layout, thus reducing magnetic and electrostatic coupling. The sound was interesting using a Cambridge CD player and Sonus Faber speakers. Nick provided the discs which were very interesting and wide ranging. By the way, I\m sure John has a couple of Theatrons at the Hifi Exchange, open as usual Sat .

The original Sony CDP 101 and the first CDs Melbourne Audio Club

Wednesday 17 in the Willis Room

Listening to the first pressed CDs and an original Sony CD player (1983) and comparing the sound with an Oppo. As expected the modern player and DAC were MUCH better, equipment used was a Mark Levinson  331 amplifier driving a big pair of Duntech Black Knights. The preamp was an excellent modern (valve) McIntosh.  All present agreed that good recordings and the equipment used today are far superior. Nick also played a modern recording that was horribly compressed! So not all new recordings are better.

Starts at 8 pm.

Trevor Lees at Melbourne Audio.

Trevor Lees is the presenter at Wednesday night Melbourne Audio Club meeting. His theme will be preamps, expect to be entertained!

Start time 8pm 19th Sept in the Willis room at the. Nunawading civic centre. Trevor’s own designs are still desirable, his comments about his and other designs are entertaining to say the least.