Melbourne Audio Club, Osborne and Rockian

Greg Osborne demonstrated some of his latest electronics: a new CD player top of the Consonance range and some great sounding amps. His big speakers sounded as good as ever, some highlights were SACDs from Mobile Fidelity (Stevie Ray Vaughan) and a new Stockfisch sampler.

To hear the Stockfisch sampler come to the Exchange on Saturday, and as soon as I get the┬áStevie Ray Vaughan disc I’ll play it too.


Melbourne Audio Club and top quality CDs

Great meeting last Wednesday, Ian and Bev from Rockian had lots of specials for sale, including plenty of vinyl. The equipment provided by Greg Osborne was excellent too. Single ended Consonance 845 amps, CD player and passive preamp (using various windings on a transformer). His ┬áspeakers were superb as usual, big and beautiful. Using Focal drivers still, as well as a Seas for the bass. If you ever had a demonstration at John’s Hifi Exchange, the chances are you would have heard one of the Stockfisch samplers. Superb recordings and great artists. One of the performers we played often was Ewen Carruthers who sadly passed away on the 4th of October.