Tannoy 15″ Gold and Earle Weston 300B monoblocs

I have just got back from listening to a pair of fifteen inch Monitor Golds in superb boxes. The drivers have had the once-over by Atilla, serindipitously arriving at the same time as John’ own Weston 300B monoblocs. Midrange like honey, and the right box size for a clean tight bass. Saturday is the first chance to listen to this system. Bring a CD.

Westminsters with ribbons, and isolation table



Kwan's levitated table

Kwan’s levitated table

Comparisons of David’s Tannoy Westminsters using the Tannoy concentric mid/tweeter with the new ribbon speaker using the custom crossover revealed many things:

The flat panel driver proved to be very efficient with a wide frequency range, 4Ohm estimated 100dB per 2.75v. Not only plenty of highs, very low colouration (judging by the sound of cymbals) and very good transients with no overhang.

Most of the music showed little distortion, with the occasional lapse, but I couldn’t tell whether components other than ribbon were to blame.

Compared to Tannoy’s wide listening position and single point source, the panels where very directional, and imaged well as long as you were in the small sweet spot.

To do justice to Kwan’s panels a dedicated crossover is needed. I could hear a lot of potential, a sytem designed around these drivers will make a superb loudspeaker. Kwan described this as the middle size of three panels, all capable of handling frequencies obove about 320Hz. David is offering to use these panels for some of his hosted !meetings for the Melbourne Audio Club.

Another of Kean’s inventions is the isolation table we tried briefly under the Linn LP12. This made such a difference that the bass was taughter and “quicker” than I think I’ve ever heard on an LP12. Guaranteed we will hear much more of this product.

David’s Westminster’s and electrostatic tweeter.

The whole system

The whole system

David has amongst the best sounding Tannoys in Melbourne, he made the boxes himself and had the crossover designed by Cawsey. Every visit has been even better as David constantly upgrades the components, CD player, turntable, etc.
The latest experiment is using Kwan’s newly developed electrostatic panels for the highs. Detailed comments about the sound tomorrow.


I was contacted today about an estate selling Tannoy Autograph GRFs, ordered in 1964 and delivered in 1965, one owner since new. The drivers are 15″ Tannoy Silvers. The executor of the estate has to get the best price possible, I am hoping for pictures by email shortly.
These are ultra rare, very possibly being sold to Japan so if the is any serious interest please leave a comment.

MAC and ATC drivers, Bill Woodman on Wed 15 Jan

Melbourne Audio Club has a last minute change to Wednesday’s programme: Bill Woodman the founder of ATC Loudspeakers is giving a talk about the beginnings and design philosophy of his designs. As anyone who has used his drivers, especially the 3 inch dome (75 series) will testify, they are extremly low colouration high definition loudspeaker drivers. Several club members use them or have used them in the past. A memorable use is as a midrange driver on Tannoy HPDs. All who were at the “Yello” night will remember the clarity of sound, and of course the bass that the 15″ Tannoys put out.

Not to be missed, Wed 15 January at the Willis Room, 8pm.



Tannoy Canterbury HE

We listened to a pair of Canterbury HE speakers last night, powered by Audio Note with SE6l6s, then with Audio Research solid state, then Electrocompaniet 100w. An earlier session used Cary 300B monoblocks.

The question is: Are there any other Tannoy Canterbury HEs in or near Melbourne?  Please let me know, we would love to make some comparisons. Pictures and comments after I’ve had another listening session.

Tannoy Westminster Royal SE

David (who built his own Westminster cabinets) sent me this link:


Having had the good fortune of hearing a couple of pairs of Westminsters, and an excellent Autograph reproduction (using Tannoy Red)s, I found Jeff Day’s description of his big Westminsters  as particularly pleasing.

The last pair of Westminsters was sold to a Tannoy lover who lives fairly close to John’s shop. He and 4 of his friends actually loaded the Tannoys on the roofs of two cars using blankets and straps to protect them and then drove off; sadly no one took a photo!

Tannoy Stirling sold

Before the small (10″) Tannoy DC was sold a dew days ago we powered them with a little Thorens PR24 amplifier.

The Thorens uses 13 valves, ECC83 (12AX7) and 6973 (6CZ5) in the output stage. These are pretty rare amplifiers, Kevin in Sydney was rebuilding one, this is the only one I’ve seen.

The sound was so good the Tannoys were sold on one demonstration, The little Thorens is not very powerful but with Tannoys or similar quite efficient speakers it is a gem.

Another picture

Front view of the Thorens

Tannoy Autographs by Shindo

A few of us had the opportunity to really listen to a pair of Shindo Autographs with Tannoy Reds yesterday. It really is as good as they say! The boxes are huge but perfectly made and finished (A full 12 months elapsed between ordering and paying and the delivery of the cabinets). Driven by  custom 300B push-pull monoblocs, and a Jadis preamp, and the source was a Victor turntable with two arms, we listened to a ZYX and a Shelter cartridge. More bass than I’ve ever heard from horn loaded Tannoys, and the inimitable midrange for which both Tannoy and 300B amps are renowned. (The amps used original Western Electric 300Bs)

The most memorable sound was from well recorded cello and string bass concertos, and some great jazz. We even listened to Hugh Masekela and Bert Kaemphert’s Swinging Safari! It sounded more lifelike than I’ve heard before, and more revealing and detailed. The highest frequencies where supplemented with a JBL biradial driver, possible a little too much. Three of us were already Tannoy owners, now thinking about the possibility of replicating the Autograph corner horns!

Thank you T and D for the most impressive afternoon, so much good sound.

Pictures will be added as soon as I can get copies from Peter.