Pictures of Ongaku and Autographs


The magic combination. Goldbug Briar cartridge on Victor deck, Shindo Massetto preamp and the Mondo Ongaku copy. Tannoy 15″ Reds in Shindo made Autograph cabinets. For CD and SACD the high end Marantz.
For your delectation a pair of Lowthers in Alfredo cabinets.


Single Ended Triode amps! (Melbourne Audio Club)

Next Melbourne Audio Club meeting (Wednesday 15 August) will be presented by Mark Houston who has been experimenting with several SET amps. Compare the results!

1: JAN 807 as heard at the club recently

2: 300B based amps

3: Russian 6C33C.

Please come as a guest if you are not yet a member, listen to the same 6 tracks played through each amp, and then nake your comments at the end.

As usual 8pm in the Willis Room at the Nunawading, civic centre.

Melbourne Audio Club and Audio Guild

Wednesday 17 March is a special night at the Melbourne Audio Club. Visitors from the Audio Guild (Lowther club) will be showing off some of the best sounding equipment in Australia. Come and hear Duc’s Commonwealth turntable with Reed arm and Zyx Airy cartridge, Tony’s JFET phono stage and Duc’s Valve phono stage. Amplification by Varkeylabs 41C SET (5W) and Duc’s 2A3 SET amp (2W).
Speakers will be Altec 15″ 416Bs in Onken cabinets, mids Alrec 288c with 1005 multicellular horns, and JBL 2495 for high frequencies!
The meeting is in the Willis room at the Nunawading Civic Centre in Whitehorse Rd, starting at 8pm.
This will be an opportunity to hear some great equipment, visitors and members welcome.