Melbourne Audio Club

Last meeting Wednesday 21st April.

Hugh Dean’s new Maya 150 Wpc amplifier, and speaker system were demonstrated, very powerful, clean and controlled.

The speakers, are a 2 way transmission line design using an 8″ Peerless woofer and a 1″ silk dome tweeter. Both crossovers are 3rd order Butterworth, 18 dB/ octave. Crossover frequency is 2620 Hz.

The sub-woofer uses a dual voice coil Peerless 12″ with two 3rd order crossovers,

Altec on demo

Pair of 15 cell Altecs with JBL 18\

These are Mike’s 1505 horns, currently driven with Altec 291-16K drivers, and on twin 18″ jbl subs. Power for the subs from an Altec 250 Wpc amp, and the horns by a Madrigal Proceed amp, crossover by Behringer.
And they sound big!
We had this system running loud today, playing Prokofiev (5 March 1953), Beatles, Simon and Garfunkle, and lots of early music, mostly supplied by Brian. Amazingly dynamic, and the imaging is pretty good too.
I don’t know how long they’ll be here, so please come and listen soon.


Ed has a really good looking Valvemark amp. I hope he will tell us his impressions of using it with his new Metaxas preamp.

Thoughts on horns

After a pleasant long weekend boating on the bay I have some work to do:

But seriously, it’s time to make some new horns. These look interesting:

or maybe something like this: