Last posts before Christmas?

Wishing all a happy Christmas and an audio new year.

I will be seeing a few people with equipment to demonstrate and sell over the next 2 weeks, hoping to hear a Continuum turnatable on Friday, as well as some interesting speakers.


One only JBL 2470 inc spare aftermarket diaphragms

One Altec 807 8A HF driver, no horn

Gausss 60×120 horns.

Proac Response D100

The pair for sale are in Ebony

Available now, with the original boxes, $17500

The driver array is: 10″ Volt for deep (20Hz) and tight bass, 3″ ATC soft dome midrange drivers (well known in professional monitors) and a1″ soft dome tweeter. Ported at the bottom to allow easy placement in most listening areas.

More details and pictures soon.

Melbourne Audio Club report

The MAC December DIY evening, organised by DD, was a great success, well attended and with a range of nicely made projects. Good sound from Mark H’s 3W amp and speakers, short demo by David D, and after the break, John C’s speakers finished in bright red sounded really good.