Sunday at Clive’s place, interesting people from the group. A good opportunity to put faces to the familiar internet names! Most interesting conversation include cars, beer and visiting the USA. Not much mention of the audio gear, but a good time to talk to Earle Weston.

Yamamoto A-014
New Yamamoto

I still enjoy the english descriptions, especially the Siemens C3m valve ” various kinds of electrical properties are excellent, and it is the feature that sound quality is very beautiful.” We all knew the 300B sounded good, this is the first time I’ve come across the C3m driving a 300B.


VAF speakers demonstrated by Philip Vafiadis who founded Vaf Research more than 35 years ago!.

What is it that makes South Australia the birthplace of many innovative high end audio products? Other than Vaf there are Krix and of don’t forget Halcro electronics.
Amplifier will be the Electrocompaniet Ampliwire 100, and and Audio Research LS15 preamp. Source will be the Oppo again. The sound of the Oppo and Pre and power combination should be detailed but not clinical, should be a good partnership with the new Vaf speakers.



vaf i66
An excellent demonstration, VAF have made a good sounding well balanced speaker for under $3000. Philip explained the design decisions for using 6 drivers 3 way. The baffle is designed so that with a first order crossover the phasing is consistent at the listening position. Claimed to be easy to drive and with high efficiency, many of these speakers are being driven with Earle Weston’s valve amplifiers.

Boz Scaggs interview on ABC

Heard a telephone interview between Red Symons and Boz Scaggs on 774 a few days ago. What struck me was Boz Scaggs still issues his music on vinyl, even his latest disc. He claims that the mic and other preamps are all analogue, and the digital recording is in the highest available resolution. He has stopped istening to CDs, now prefers playback from vinyl!
Boz Scaggs – The Memphis Tour.

Palais Theatre, St Kilda, VIC
Wed 16 Apr 2014, 07:30 PM